Monday, November 3, 2014

The Ceretto sense of terroir

As real Italian wine country, picking up a winery in Piedmont is definitely a piece of cake: just drive about 45 minutes out of Turin and follow your heart!
When we went truffle hunting near Alba and then to the Truffle Fair, we just couldn't resist and went to the renowned Ceretto Winery.

This is a family business since the 1930s that over the years saw many revolutions, the first one happened in the 1960s when Bruno and Marcello Ceretto, sons of the Ceretto Winery founder went to Burgundy to learn the wine making art. In fact, up until then their father used to buy the grapes from other estates to make his own Barolo and Barbaresco. His sons however, firmly believed that great wines come from a great land like theirs, all they had to do was selecting the best exposed hills to grow their own wine! Also, the land stays and the vineyards can be visited and experienced just like the wine.

The two brothers felt that the customers needed to know the origin of their wine, even the vineyard where the grapes had been grown. They even had a vision: selling their wine bottles with a picture of their vineyard on the label.

This is how, over the years, the Ceretto winery has grown to over 160 hectares / circa 400 acres between the Langhe and Roero wine districts where the best Barolo and Barbaresco DOCG are still made.
The Cerettos strongly believe in terroir and thus have divided their vineyards according to the wines they produce, so for example their vineyards near Santo Stefano Belbo where Mika lives produce only the best Moscato wines; the vineyards we took a walk around near Alba produces a mix of the best Langhe and Roero wines.

The deep feeling of connection to their land, culture and art brought the Cerettos to be the first wine making family in Piedmont to hire designers for their wine bottles and labels and then to sponsor unique artistic initiatives to enrich their estate.

Another innovation has been converting their estate into a fully sustainable and organic wine making one to revitalize the soil, enhance biodiversity and make even tasteful and high quality wines!

Last but not the least, besides making wine, the Cerettos' mission to stimulate all our senses keeps on their cantinas, restaurants and with the local products they now sell like goat cheeses, chocolates and nougats made with the hazelnuts grown in the Langhe hazelnut groves.
You can see in this picture the observatory bubble where you can admire the vineyards!

What else can we add?
Come and see for yourselves and you won't want to leave anymore!

the Ceretto farm with its vegetable garden, donkeys and beehives

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