Thursday, November 27, 2014

Roero DOCG an evocative wine

Roero Docg

As a wine, Roero is fragrant, perfumed and elegant.
It is of an appealing deep ruby red and its flavors are rather evocative!
Its dry and warm bouquet almost becomes velvety making it an ideal wine for many dishes.
Its noninvasive structure and limited tannins allow us to pair it also with flavorful dishes.
In order to produce the DOCG variant, Roero must age 1 year in good quality wood barriques.

Roero variants

By law, Roero wine must be made with at least 95% of Nebbiolo wine and 5% of other indigenous grapes.

Regular Roero wine must be aged for 20 months, starting on November 1 of the harvest year. For 6 month it should be aged in woods.

In order to gain the RISERVA status, it must be aged for 12 additional months.

Both variants have a 12.5% of alcohol content.

Roero facts:

- color: ruby red
- DOCG wine since 2004
- bouquet: spicy black fruit, bright cherry and subtle violet to the nose
- taste: sweet tannins, soft, velvety and smooth to the palate

This special wine best pairs with risotto, fondue, grilled white or red meats and especially the local stews! All the festive dishes are a great match too, so mark it down for your next trip to Europe when you can really stock up on it;)
Remember that Roero Docg takes its name from the Roero wine district now in the Unesco World Heritage list. This is a beautiful area made of vineyard covered hills, orchards, truffle grounds, many high level restaurants and wineries. The 1670 winery we visited recently is in Roero too!

Beautiful Roero

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