Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Pelaverga: tiny precious wine

This week we're presenting a wine from an extremely small production: Pelaverga.
It is produced in incredible small amounts in the Verduno and Saluzzo areas. Verduno is near Barolo and Saluzzo is located a bit farther, on the Alps foothills. 

Verduno production area in Piedmont (n.12)

Pelaverga has a long history dating back to 1400; back than though, it was mainly used as a blending grape however, in the last decades, it has gained popularity, especially after Verduno Pelaverga was granted the DOC status in 1995. 
"Pelaverga" as a name is also interesting, in fact, "pela" in Italian means "to peel" and "verga" branch, so it is easy to speculate that this "branch peeler" wine name has something to do with the viticultural practice. 

Verduno Pelaverga is thought to be an aphrodisiac wine!

In fact, some people think that the "verga" part of the name of this wine is connected to the male genitalia and this explains why people in Verduno believe that Verduno Pelaverga has aphrodisiac powers!
Naturally you will have to come over to test it, take notes and let us know what you think about;)
The local picturesque atmosphere, its fizzy texture and strawberry flavor will certainly do the trick!

Some facts

Verduno Pelaverga is a young happy and adventurous knight at the Barolo court and it is:

- it is a pale ruby red
- slightly frizzy
- delicate scent of red fruits, cherry, violet and tar
- light to medium bodied with high acid and no tannins
- about 14.5% alcohol but very enjoyable and light
- it definitely is one of the rarest vines

                                      Food pairings

every wine lover will love this wine, ideal with cured meats, cheeses, all the typical Piedmontese specialties from the meat antipasti to the raw and hand cut beef (carne battuta al coltello, a local gourmet specialty), filled pasta (agnolotti), roasts, poultry and game.
But also fish, especially salmon as you can read in this great article by Levi Dalton!

Naturally, the wine aromas are exalted when paired with authentic local foods.

So what does it look like this area of Piedmont?
Now picture yourselves sipping this amazing wine in this medieval hamlet where you can enjoy the symphony of nature and the splendor of the local flavors!
Piedmont, ain't it amazing?

Verduno landscape

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