Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Gabiano DOC

Like Rubino di Cantavenna, Gabiano is another extremely limited production from the Monferrato area. Gabiano is actually also the name of the municipality where the vineyards are.

Monferrato wine productions 

The village of Gabiano is located on the southern slopes of a hill topped by a very ancient castle, that got rebuilt in the 12th century, in Neo-Gothic style. The original site of the village is at the foot of the hill, where you can admire the medieval St. Peter chapel. Although it got rebuilt in 1690, its twin bell towers are part of the original building!
Doesn't it look like a fairy land? Just imagine the wine!

The castle of Gabiano: a fairy tale takes life!

Gabiano Riserva 1967
Gabiano DOC facts

- it is a blend of Barbera grade (90%ca), Freisa and/or Grignolino (5-10%)

- it is one of the oldest and smallest Italian DOC wines
- the first official records date back to the 13th century

- it's the only Piedmont DOC created in 1980s, specifically 1983

- it's a mid-bodied red wine, tangy and moderate tannins

- it has cherry and plum aromas
- its color is ruby red to garnet
- alcohol content 12.5%
- aging period: 2 years in wood

- naturally risotto!
- pasta dishes with meat sauces
- game, pork and grilled or roasted meats 
- hot and spicy, aged, sheep cheeses

This is a velvety dry wine with an harmonious texture, so you can certainly pair it with equally strong flavors to balance your menu.

So enjoy it and mark it down for your next trip over to our wine lovers' heaven, where you can fly back to the Middle Ages and sip our wines in real castles!

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