Tuesday, September 9, 2014

TurinEpi 2014: Thank you!

A week ago, the three days of Turin Epicurean Capital 2014 were taking off so, I would like to take the time to thank all those who made this wonderful edition possible:

  • first of all, the director of the Collegio San Giuseppe, the La Salle school in Turin, Brother Alfredo Centra who, right from the very beginning, supported my initiative and allowed me to use the theater FOR FREE!
  • Alessandra Monda and Solange Crosio of Citta' del Gusto - Gambero Rosso, our partner cooking school for providing the cooking room FOR FREE for the cooking class 
  • Chef Marco Giacchello and La Smarrita restaurant in Turin for OFFERING a super delish full menu opening apericena to our guest speakers 
  • Mr Ilio Piana, chief executive officer of IMA Piemonte for his constant support, collaboration, suggestions and networking 
  • Mr Roberto Arru, director of Assopiemonte for his support, kind collaboration and the delicious 8 kg of Piedmontese cheeses and Sant'Andrea rice for our cooking class
  • Mr Giuseppino Anfossi of Ghiomo for providing the apericena first class wines
  • Mr Armando Accossato for supplying the cooking class fruit and the dessert wine for the opening apericena
  • Mrs Ilaria Gallio of Scoiattolo Rosso for her support and the hazelnut flour, chopped hazelnuts and whole hazelnut samples for all the cooking class participants
  • Ms Marcela Senise aka lafoodsitter for her support and her vital introduction to Sandra Salerno, Gian Luca Ranno and Benedetta Oggero
  • Mr Gian Luca Ranno of Gnammo.com for suggesting La Citta' del Gusto
  • Mrs Elena Chesta Schwarz aka Comida de Mama for her wise suggestions and networking
  • all the local producers who supplied the ingredients for the cooking class
  • Mr Edoardo Girola, PR, for believing in this event, his suggestions and precious help and introducing me to:
  • Mrs Simonetta Carbone, PR, for believing in my idea, her work and personal involvement
  • Turin's Mayor and his administration for granting us the "city's keys" or patrocinio
  • all our guest speakers for their enthusiasm, support and help
  • the planning committee who accepted to volunteer to make this budget-free event possible:
- Mr Alberto Bonis for his stylish logo, web designer services and for introducing me to Elena Chesta Schwarz
- Ms Alessandra Mazzocchi for all her help, support, organizational skills, for arranging the opening apericena and her interpreting services
- Ms Benedetta Oggero for her interpreting service and wonderful cooking class
- Mr Massimo Alessio, aka Max, for his humor, technical expertise, photography, video shooting services and for introducing me to Ms Nicole Cappa and Mr Simone Stricelli
- Mr Simone Stricelli for his photography and video shooting services
- Mr Mattia Barroero for accepting the challenge!

  • my family and friends, including those cheering up over the SoMe accounts who supported me during the whole organization

A big GRAZIE to all of you who made this first edition possible and get ready for the 2015 one;)

Lucia Hannau

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