Saturday, May 28, 2022

Turinepi22: 9th edition

Turin Epicurean Capital 2022, our 9th edition is approaching and we have been cooking up something special for you.

Following the long trail of events based or filmed in Turin, we have planned something out of our ordinary.

May is usually a very busy month in Turin, leaving the summer months to all the events organized for the locals: movies in the royal palace, jazz fest in our piazzas, new exhibits and a lot more, before September resumes with its own full calendar of events! and yes 2022 is also year of the Slow Food convention aka the UN of food!

tarot decks, esoteric books and wicca gadget at Esotericamente

Yes, life never stops in Turin, where you always find many cool things to do, see and try.

Unfortunately, as covid19 cases are surging and are hard to track down, and Russia hasn't retreated yet from Ukraine, thus keeping us hanging on the verge of an escalating war, we have decided once again not to host this Turinepi22 in person, as we used to, but to show you yet a different side of our beautiful city.

in solidarity with Ukraine, demonstration for peace

We are sure you'll love it and will be allured to visit us soon.

When life brings you over to Turin, add a walking tour with us, prepare for your Italian travel with one of our classes online, or just add a private when you are in town. You can choose among many: Italian, yoga, pilates, cooking!

We customize your Turin experience with tastings and many other experiences that will entice you!

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