Thursday, May 17, 2018

Turin's tarots

Magic and Turin go hand in hand because of many reasons, we have already seen how occult symbols are spread all around town in this post by Mari Biella who took part to TurinEpi16.

As a general rule, Italians are very much drawn to magic, according to statistics there is one self-declared and practicing psychic every five Italians. On top of that, if we go into angels and Satanic sects, Turin scores number one in the Italian cities for highest number of people who have seen an angel and number of Satanist groups.

la Porta del Diavolo = Gates of Hell in Via XX Settembre 40, Turin

So what a better place to visit if you are into wicca, magic, occult, spiritism, shamanism, esotericism, paranormal activities, the general beyond and related fields?
Once again Turin is soo your destination there is even a night guided tour called Torino Magica!

In a way though, living in Italy means you get used to many practices; to a certain extent, the rituality of religious practices takes on a magic aura too, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that here in Turin, we have a couple shops specialized in "magic supplies".

Usually these are small independent "magic drugstore-like" shops selling all you need for you magic rites, whatever side you like to follow: white or black. 
The reason why both kinds of supplies are easy to find in town is because the legend has it that  the European magic centers can be grouped into 2 triangles based on the cities' geographical positions.  One of the triangles is for white or good magic, and the other one is for black or negative magic. The two triangles have a common point: Turin 😲

the Mole Antonelliana seen from the Gran Madre cathedral

This also explains why right here we count many people who have seen and felt the positive vibes of the angels and at the same time, we have so many satanists... Supposedly, the Holy Grail is buried under the Po River too... in a specific point, where the hand of the statue of the Holy Mary, outside the Gran Madre cathedral would be pointing to .... if the statue still had that hand 🙀

Back to the magic supplies, you can actually find some tarot decks in some bookshops too, but if you really want to pick your own deck, letting it call you, then you need to go to Esotericamente's in Via Garibaldi 18.
On their Facebook page, you will see they sell sweetgrass too, not sure the origin of their herbs though, but for sure, once you go, you can ask Andrea, the owner.

Esotericamente is definitely the most thorough shop for anything you need; they have: a huge book section of new and used books ranging, from history to religion, symbolism, potions, rites, kabbalah, numerology and traditions.
They also have salts, herbs, magic inks, candles, amulets, stones and crystals (many shapes), runes, incenses, coins, oils, talismans, voodoo supplies, magic wands, magic papers, Ouija boards, magic spheres, bells, brooms, chalices, cauldrons, basically all you need to perform a magic rite, set up and keep your magic altar.

Now that you know it, why would you ever want to follow Harry Potter to the UK??
Turin has so many Harry Potter-like places that J.K. Rowling should move over to Turin and start a whole new saga!

In view of your trip to Italy, please remember that:

  • if you are learning Italian, reading tarots and studying their symbolism will enhance your language level! Strictly linguistically speaking, any horoscope tradition (Western, Chinese, Indian or other) and the tarot divination use many interesting words, expressions and figurative speech. 
  • if you are into visual arts, some tarot decks are so gorgeous, you will feel like framing them and hang them around you house and office.

At Esotericamente's, they have about 200 different decks plus a catalog you can flip through to double check the art style of the deck that summoned your attention.

just some of the many decks you can find at Esotericamente's

Needless to tell you that upon request, we always accompany our friends and guests to pick up their tarot deck and sometimes, we give them a reading too 😎
Just in case, at Esotericamente's, you can also make an appointment with their astrology and tarot consultant too.

Never underestimate Turin ☝: food, fashion, chocolate and booze are the path to magic 😵

Wait no more, come on over and live our vidaroyal with us!

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