Thursday, May 10, 2018

4 palazzos in Turin

Turin is magic but to the non locals it is always quite hard to understand why...
Most Italians instantly think about our esoteric background, in fact, the city is full of magic symbols  on our palazzos and even underground, Turin never stops to amaze you.

What we really refer to though is our atmosphere, because Turin is just unique thanks to its gorgeous palazzos and many historical architecture styles.
Here are 4 palazzos, you can partially visit for free to get a direct sense of our local magic 😎

Palazzo Saluzzo Paesana

This is an early 18th century palazzo in Via Garibaldi (main entrance in Via della Consolata) and it is actually a whole block wide! Part of it is still inhabited by regular families, some apartments are firms and then there is the art gallery that you can visit for free whenever they have exhibits.
The best part is the courtyard and you can actually get in if you polite ask the concierge to open you to take pictures. 
This building represents Turin's baroque triumph at its best and we wish you to be lucky to happen in town during one of those art exhibits so you can see what a renovated 18th century apartment looks like with its crystal chandeliers, rich tapestries and coffered ceilings!

Palazzo Scaglia di Verrua

Another favorite of ours, located very close to Via Garibaldi but hidden in a lane to keep this gem all to the locals.
This is the only example of full Renaissance palazzo in Turin. Built at the end of the 16th century, its faΓ§ade is very unique with its 1603 original frescoes and the family's coat of arms on top of the door. 
The lane where this palazzo was built is part of Turin's historical center also known as quadrilatero romano.
When the palazzo is open, the door is a real stargate to the Renaissance as the courtyard feels like time has never passed by, thanks to its cloister-like columns.
Best time to visit: Halloween so you can take a picture wearing a costume near the fountain.
If you are into jewelry, save some money to buy a one of a kind piece at the goldsmith whose shop is hosted in this building; Signor Uli is a real artist πŸ‘Œ

Palazzo Valperga Galleani aka "The Number 6"

This whole 1663 baroque palazzo was totally renovated in 2013 and ArchDaily declared it the most beautiful house in the world in 2015. Located downtown here Turin, in Via Alfieri 6, it's the best example of historical preservation, renovation, technology, cultural heritage and art!
As there are 36 apartments this is actually a super deluxe condo, with commons spaces like the gym and spa with a skylight roof. The balconies are like a vertical garden looking on the Alps, granting a unique view to the residents.
As you can partly see in our picture above, the best part is the 1600 courtyard: a whimsical two dimensional giardino made of lights and plants distributed vertically and horizontally!
Some of the cobblestones light up at night as well and the courtyard is open to the public for everybody to enjoy a piece this Turin magic 😍

Verde 25 aka "The Tree House"

Unlike the other buildings, this one is not located downtown but near the river, you can reach it by subway and walking for about 15 minutes along Corso Dante. The view is simply spectacular even though the best part of this contemporary and high tech apartment building is hidden to the eye. What can be seen though are the 150 trees growing on the terraces and in the courtyard - acting like a mini wood.
Basically, this is a contemporary tree house and sooner than you think,  a whole elf community is moving over. Hurry up, friends!
Because elves are renown for being environmentally friendly, this building is fully energy efficient: it uses geothermal heating and cooling; the rainwater is collected to water the plants that grow into the mini wood. Naturally, as this urban wood follows the seasons, the plants create a microclimate that gives life and breath to this building, in contrast with the rest of the Italian Motown.
For the ArchiDaily article and pictures click here so you can read about all the technical details.
Keep this building in mind for your next visit to Turin and you might even find some of the 63 apartments on Airb&b...

No wonder why in Turin we live a full vidaroyal come join us, you won't regret it πŸ’ƒ

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