Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Turinepi 22 on YouTube


The 9th edition of Turin Epicurean Capital is a bit different for the previous one, amici. Like in 2020 and 2021, it will be on our YouTube channel in the Turinepi22 playlist.

Unlike the previous years, we have decided to make Turinepi22 a longer event starting with our first guest back in April when we posted our interviews to Ms Jyothi Aimino, founder, owner and manager of L'Erm winery in the Canavese wine district here in Piedmont.

This year we are bringing you some friends of ours who will contribute to shape to the image of Turin and Piedmont you have been creating in your minds so far.

This 9th edition is also dedicated to Ukraine 🌻💙 to show our solidarity with the Ukrainian population and government. May peace 🙏 be restored soon and the reconstruction be quick. 
Slava Ukraini!

If you haven't yet, head over to our YouTube account and enjoy our interviews to Jyothi in English and Italian and keep an eye for our next uploads!! 

This year you'll get to meet:

- some of our long time friends who have being coming over and over to Turin, and who will be sharing their Torino tips with you

- some newly arrived friends who have decided to stay and why

- some interesting locals and their projects as usual

and will hear more about Lucia, the mastermind behind Turin Epicurean Capital and all the stuff you see on the turinepi accounts.

... as we say: buckle up amici 😜

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