Tuesday, September 10, 2019

August dolce vita

As summer 2019 officially called its end with a sudden storm that plummeted the temperatures and plunged Turin straight down into the Fall, we would like to take a moment to tell you the secret of the Italian dolce vita 😉

What happens in Italy in August??

You will often notice how many bloggers and professionals based in or working with Italy have a big blank space when August comes. It is a question of priorities and life pace: Italians consider it a luxury to take some time off to recharge mentally and physically, to travel and see new things, and to press the stop button for 2 to 4 weeks straight a year.

Naturally this doesn't apply to the wine making professionals as that is the busiest time of the year due to the harvest. And once again... as visitors, you won't always be welcome because everybody on the vineyard is working.

What is August like in Turin?

In the 1960s and 1980s the Italian economy was growing steadily, the future looked radiant and most people in the Turin area worked in factories, especially the FIAT car factory that closed down in August to allow its workers and families their well-deserved summer rest.
Since then, the local lifestyle has changed quite a bit and many people prefer to travel during the low season months when flights are cheaper. Many others have also resigned and put a/c in their home so not to go to the mall (particularly Le Gru in the suburb) to enjoy some fresh air.
Over all Turin in August looks like a super calm city, with very few cars around and tons of parking spaces. If you take a stroll downtown 99% of the shops are open and only close in the Mid-August week aka Ferragosto - def a word you need to learn!

Hotels, restaurants and coffee shops, gelato places and chain shops will all be open but the small specialty shops, tobacco shops where you can buy candies and stamps will most likely be closed for their summer holiday break.

The rest of the city will likely be closed down.

The plus of visiting Turin in August

You will have the whole city and museums just for you, a great service when you sit down for a glass of wine or a nice meal. Fear not! The Turin city center is always alive and kicking because the down time for the businesses are the first 2 weeks of every year (sometimes the whole month of January) when they close for renovations and some well-deserved vacation time.

The markets might not be at their full either but boy, the museums and the shops will be amazingly all for you!

When does everything resume?

Typically, Italians consider that regular life must go back to its normal as the kids are back in school 😟 Piedmont is always the first of the 20 Italian regions to send her kids back to school so that the parents and the regional economy can faster go back to full speed work. If you plan to visit Torino and Piemonte in September, keep in mind the 7th as a day for it is around that day that all the shops open and the streets are filled up again.

... and by September comes, Turin is well worth a visit any month of the year 😎

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  1. I'd love to visit in August, simply for the empty museums and streets! However, Turin is going to be good for me any time of year! :)