Monday, December 10, 2018

Bakery House in Turin

As the Winter Break is coming up, in case you need a break from the local panettoneand pandoro offers, finally, in Turin you'll be able to enjoy French Toasts, eggs benedict and bagels too 😋 besides naturally, a ton of other brunch and scrumptious breakfast specialties 😃

Where??? At Bakery House in Via Carlo Alberto 24 bis, right downtown 🙌

the menu options alternate with the Turin's skyline

At Bakery House all your American breakfast cravings will be happily satisfied at any time of the day 😜 and you can choose your drink of choice among different style coffees, teas and juices.

After the big success of Rome, the founders and owners of this lucky breakfast heaven café have decided to open their third bakery in Turin too. So what would you like to have? Pancakes, waffles, French toasts or bagels? And how would you like your eggs? What about a slice of a Christmassy bundt or a browny??
Let's face it, even in Turin, a brownie is highly needed 😝
Not to mentions there are vegan options too!

Go to Via Carlo Alberto 24 bis and take a seat at one of the tables, or even better near the windows, relax and enjoy your order. Free wi-fi and charging stations are also available, just in case you need to work, study or simply chat.

Bakery House isn't only for the breakfast and brunch but also for an afternoon snack: many cakes, cookies, bars and cupcakes are always displayed at the counter. Marbled brownies, red velvet cake, chocolate chip cookies and even scones are waiting for you to pair them with your tea, espresso, cappuccino, juice or soda.

Don't be fooled, even though the mission of Bakery House is to make the staples of the American breakfast readily available to you here in Turin, some local flavors and items are also included in the menu. For example, the Piedmont bagel with pulled vitello tonnato, bagnet verd and anchovies is one of the region specialties.

Be reassured that the tea, coffee and egg menu is quite extensive, in fact, you can choose among black, green and herbal teas, Italian style or American coffees and your favorite egg styles.
We love them scrambled and you?

Needless to tell you the list of the bagels includes many kinds and many flavors; everything is freshly baked and made right in the Bakery House kitchen and if you are still in doubt about going or not... give it a try, start with one of their glorious chocolate cupcakes.

Whether you are an American or a fellow European living in Turin, you will simply fall for them: first of all they are topped with perfect berries. Then, as you try the frosting, you instantly realize how light it is in texture, and the high quality of the chocolate. The best match for Turin and her chocolate love affair.
As you proceed to dig into the body of the cupcake, you are already in heaven: soft, most and perfectly balanced.

In one word: scrumptious 😍

... and then why limit yourselves to just one cupcake?
Order something more consistent 😄 both your stomach and mood will rejoice of your choice!

So, mark it down: Bakery House in Via Carlo Alberto 24 bis, in Turin, for all your freshly baked snacks on the go, your emergency cravings, family or friends' brunch, breakfast and even work coffee break. Naturally, their take away containers are super cute too!

The Bakery House hours are here, just remember:
- like many other businesses in Turin, they close on Monday
- make a reservation, especially in the week-end, because just like Turin, you won't easily find a spot a it's a trendy place 😎

As Bakery House is close enough to the Egyptian Museum, believe us when we say the Egyptian mummies would easily eat here too if they were allowed out of the museum 😂

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  1. Looks good! Nice to have options, isn't it!? That bundt cake is calling my name! ;)