Friday, June 30, 2017

Adriana Delfino at TurinEpi 17

On the second day of the fourth edition of Turin Epicurean Capital 2017, after our mandatory risotto lunch, Turin fashion designer Adriana Delfino started our journey through the senses, with sight and touch.

Adriana Delfino

Adriana is an old time supporter of Turin Epicurean Capital and a very productive sartorial artist in Turin. In fact, in 2018, she will celebrate 30 years of career as a fashion designer: a big anniversary to celebrate her also as a fashion historian, fashion instructor for kids at ArtEnfant the one year workshops for children and teenagers and her organization of sarTO with Walter Dang in 2014.

3 dresses 3 centuries during sarTO in 2014

During her presentation, Adriana introduced us to her art - sewing and her "against fashion philosophy": you are born with style (or not!) and real fashion is made in the streets by regular people. 
Adriana defines herself as a tailor just like the first fashion maestros. She doesn't like to be called a fashion designer because many designers today don't really know much about the practical side of style nor about people's needs.

Adriana Delfino wearing some pieces from GolDust her every-season collection
Her approach is physical because she loves using her hands, touching and feeling the materials she will work with. During her workshops she teaches that "hands are our second brain" because they understand many things before they get to our brain.

Adriana showed us an overview of her collections starting from the early 2000s when she explored water and air using shells, silk, tulle and flowers.
She even got to sew stones and talc believing that a tailor should always be able to sew everything.

In 2016 she delved into the abyss with Deep Blue and also regenerated herself by creating a whole line of ecofashion purses, clutches, handbags made of all the fabric trims she had been collecting over the years.

Photo courtesy of

In 2017 she made Euphoria a jewelry collection inspired by the roaring 1920s when fringes, jazz, movement and cocktails represented the euphoric mood of those years.
Currently, she is working on a new collection of purses made with special fabrics.

Adriana Delfino's career in fashion is mainly an exploration of colors, shapes and possibilities. She goes beyond our sight into our sense of touch. She pushes away the fashion boundaries to achieve aesthetics, confort and style, three elements that are rather hard to find together these days.

Concept and realization are equally important in her creative process and this is also what she teaches during her workshops: kids draw, realize their dresses on the mannequin, they sew each piece themselves to refine their dexterity and in case, modify their projects, and finally they organize a fashion show.
Kids' creativity is endless as well as Adriana's and her fashion research.

Have a look at her collections and projects on her website and follow her on on: Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Thank you Adriana for taking part to Turin Epicurean Capital 2017 even if we were without power!


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