Monday, June 20, 2016

TurinEpi 16 day 3

This 2016 edition of Turin Epicurean Capital will end on Thursday, June 24.

The third round table will start at 11am at Teatro San Giuseppe in Via Doria 18/A, near the Porta Nuova station.

This round table will be hosted by:

  • Jyothi Aimino
Indian raised in Piedmont, Jyothi has always been a foodie and a winelover with a deep connection to the Italian culinary traditions... as well as many others (!). She's a student at University Gastronomic Sciences and after graduation, she would like to promote of her home-locality, the Canavese  district, collaborating with producers and small business owners to improve the tourist and cultural scene. Follow her culinary adventures on Instagram @jo_in_food

The other guests will be:

  • Mari Biella 
A British author currently living in Italy, Mari has a very creative mind!
She is the author of the psychological ghost story The Quickening, Loving Imogen, and Wintergreen. She enjoys reading, gardening, cooking, wasting time on Twitter and Facebook, and embellishing an already tortuously complicated fantasy life. Her bad habits include talking about herself in the third person.
Follow Mari on, on her SoMe accounts or Goodreads. 
Most of all, read her works, you'll love them!

  • Manuela Gomez 

Originally from Colombia, Manuela is a designer and photographer, currently living and working in Turin. After graduating from the university she started a career in the fashion industry, but came to Turin thanks to a Masters program in Fashion and Marketing, at Istituto Europeo di Design.
Shoes have always been her true passion; growing up she designed and had made her own shoes - real Fashion Sculptures, and this is how she started her own line of shoes and accessories, soon after. She collaborares with very talented Italian artisans so each one of her works is made in Italy, personally signed by Manuela and can be personalized choosing materials, models and colors! Look her up on

  • Rosemarie Scavo

Originally from Sydney, Australia, Rosemarie had always dreamed of Europe and he university she moved to France, the UK and finally, the land of her ancestry, Italy.
A passion for food quickly developed as shopping at local food markets, experimenting in the  kitchen and buying way too many cookbooks became routine. While on maternity leave, she started a food blog, Turin Mamma. A Finalist in the Best Food and Best New Blog categories of the 2015 edition of the Italy Magazine Blogger Awards, she writes about Italian cuisine and food history, with an emphasis on the southern Italian dishes she grew up eating and those of her adopted region of Piedmont. Follow her on FacebookTwitter and Instagram!

After the  round table, the guests will take a last epicurean tour of Turin researching the best gelatos, aperitfs and local specialties!

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