Thursday, June 9, 2016

TurinEpi 16 day 1

Wednesday, June 22 2016 will be the first day of the third edition of Turin Epicurean Capital.

The first round table will start at 11am at Teatro San Giuseppe in Via Doria 18/A, near the Porta Nuova station.

This round table will be co-hosted by:

  • Jim Dunlop

A true Scot, Jim is a long time specialist and appreciator of Piedmont. After working in northern Italy, and travelling over many times, Jim couldn't help but getting intrigued by the local food and wine culture.
Now in his retirement years he can devote his time to travel, enjoy art and history and, above all, deepening his knowledge of Piedmont wines ;)
He's also an avid eclectic tweeter and you can follow him on @jimofayr

  • Sucheta Rawal
Originally from India, Sucheta is now an Atlanta resident where she writes freelance for many magazines, teaches cooking classes and is a philantropist.
She's the founder and executive director of Go Eat Give, an organization to raise awareness about global cultures through meaningful travel experiences, like sustainable eating and direct contact with the local populations. She's member of many professional associations and has recently published another book from the Beato series for children about Beato, a cat whose adventures around the world are meaningful for his coming of age.

The other two guests will be:

  • Liana Campanella
A proud Italian-American, living in the state of Maryland, Liana is the president and founder of Italiana Travel Design, a travel agency specialized in customized travels to Italy. She strives to provide unique travel experiences thanks to large network of local collaborators. In fact, she supports the local economy, the preservation and promotion of regional traditions, especially those related to the arts, culture and food.   
She also believes in the slow lifestyle and her vegetable garden sources most of her produce directly from her front lawn.  

  • Julia Dunlop
Julia is Jim's wife, an educator and psychologist specialized in kids with complex special needs, particularly autism, Now that Julia has retired, she enjoys walking and running to keep fit. She shares with Jim a deep interest in the Piedmont's food and wine scene and takes advantage of their frequent trips over to the region to savor new wines!

After the  round table, the guests will start their epicurean Turin "research" - read: first-hand experience - of the local food and wine scene around the downtown restaurants, gelaterias and coffee shops.

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