Thursday, March 1, 2018

our curry rice

As per our followers' request, we are sharing our 2018 flu go to rice recipe.
As at Turin Epicurean Capital we drink quite a lot of tea it is rather unusual we fall sick or catch the flu, apparently though, this year's strain has been rather virulent and, as we are burning the candle on both sides, we fell sick too.

Fever, cough, mucus, shivers, the ever-ending exhaustion feeling, the list of symptoms is long and we decided to kick it out of our system with some true soul food packed with all powerful ingredients: our curry rice with raisins and chopped hazelnuts just for a Piedmont twist 😜

This recipe is perfect for all the times you have no strength, will or time to cook something highly nutritious.

Our recipe

  • a pot with the lid to simmer the rice
  • one amount of rice
  • two amounts of water
  • curry - as much as you like it
  • raisins - as many as you please
  • chopped nuts, hazelnuts add that extra Piedmont je ne sais quoi twist, but any nuts will do
  • heavy cream or a vegetable fat source to allow the turmeric contained in the curry to be assimilated by your system

Fill up the pot with the desired amount of rice and the double amount of water, eg.: 1 cup of rice for 2 cups of water.
Add the desired amount of curry: as we believe in the healing power of colors, we normally load our curry rice to reach a nice bright hue!
Toss in the pot as many raisins as you please, for 1 cup of rice we used half a cup of raisins.

Place it on the cooker and cover it as it starts boiling; simmer for 12minutes.

Let rest for 5min and add the fats, we added some heavy cream, but you can use your fat of choice.
We added as much as to make our rice creamy sort of like a risotto.

rice paddies in the Vercelli area

To fully benefit from the turmeric, you need to ingest it with some pepper and fat. Without these two ingredients our system doesn't retain it and simply flushes it away.

Plate your portion and top it with your nuts of choice to provide some proteins and good nutrients.

This is pretty much a fool proof recipe, rich in spices and super foods, that will provide instant relief especially in the cold weather.

Our opinion about the rice

Italians are always very picky about the rice they cook. As Piedmont is the top European rice producer and we have beautiful rice paddies right here in our region, we tend to love risotto and rice dishes a lot.
However.... we don't 'discriminate' and tend to use the rice we have access to, especially when we are traveling and cooking.

For us now, being based in Turin, short grain rice such as carnaroli, the typical risotto grain is just what we find more easily and what we normally cook with.
However, for risotto... you can use virtually any rice grain as the risotto procedure is a cooking way that seals the grain surface and the grain's shape and size doesn't matter much...

steamed short Italian rice grains

Naturally, each rice variety is nutritionally different and cheap GMO rice isn't a good option no matter where you are.

If you crave risotto, just go ahead and use your store's rice and if you are sick, drink plenty of tea and have nutritious food.



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