Thursday, March 8, 2018

Sweet life at the Turin's Lab

Let's face it, in the Italian tidy meal schedule, snacking and brunching don't traditionally fit in. Of all the Italian cities, in Turin finding a good tea time place is a task, our favorite is still Clarissa in Piazza Vittorio Veneto 😎

But just a couple blocks away, there is a magic door, you open it and instantly become Alice in Wonderland, celebrating your very merry unbirthday!

With or without the Mad Hatter, sitting down at one of the very popular Sweet Lab tables, you risk being swallowed by the indecision of picking up one among the many cupcakes, fresh cakes and brunch options.

This is how Joyce, Zoye and us all felt on our visit to Sweet Lab's first location in Via Principe Amedeo 39, when we were craving a real matcha latte.
We knew Sweet Lab had a nice sweets' counter but we just couldn't foresee  it was actually a real brunch heaven and tea time style parlor.

so hard to choose only one!

Thankfully, the White Rabbit, the March Hare and the Queen of Hearts with her whole army had already left otherwise we would have never found a table.
So, we happily sat among piles of pancakes, banana wheels covered in maple syrup and French toasts with scrambled eggs and opened up the menu.

Matcha lattes were our go to drink but what to pair them with it???!
Easiest thing to do in such a Disney-like place is looking at the counter.
A red velvet cup cake and a cheesecake brownie made it to our order and we blissfully toasted to our very merry unbirthdays!

Excited Zoye with her own mini cupcake!

The best news is that now there is a second larger location in Via Mazzini. We understand it was opened upon the royal demand of the Queen of Spades to feed her card army. However, if you go peek during the week, they will all be on duty and you can enjoy all those sweet delicacies.

just perfect!
We'll never tire to repeat that Turin is magic for its many treasures: the royal and historic ones with gilded literary coffee shops like Al Bicerin, the underground and trendy one with indie coffee shops like Orso Caffé and Clarissa and the whimsically magic one, like Sweet Lab, where time and place becomes different dimensions.

Once Turin makes it to your heart, you won't be able to let it go 👸 and you'll exactly know why we live the vidaroyal here 😎



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