Friday, October 13, 2017

Lyn fascinated by Turin!

Back in October 2015, through Instagram we connected with Louise Rhodes, an Aussie friend with a passion for food, wine and travel. 
The following month, on November 1st, we accompanied her at Manuela Gomez  to pick her "on demand made in Turin" wedding shoes for her wedding in May 2016.

Louise sized by Manuela Gomez
As Louise went back home and got her shoes, we also got in touch with her aunt Jenny via Instagram. Then, Louise got married; after one year Clairette, her first baby girl arrived and we got in touch with her mom, Lyn! Yes, always via Instagram, because nothing speaks louder than images! And this is how at the beginning of October 2017, we showed Lyn around Turin!

Lyn is a compulsive traveller who lived in many countries; she's an inventive home cook and a grandmother of three interested in exploring the world and its cuisines.  Now retired but occasional building developer and crafter with wool and thread."

Lyn loved Turin and will definitely come back because unfortunately she had barely one night and half a day to get to know our city as she had traveled to Barolo where Louise, her husband and Clairette are staying this Fall. 

Enjoy her pictures and reading about her impressions of Turin!

Roman ruins: Palatine Towers

It's a toss up between the ancient Roman gates  and the Barratti & Milano chocolate shop that keeps me thinking about my guided morning walk with TurinEpi (Lucia) on Saturday morning 8 October 2017.  

the bull - il toro Turin/Torino's symbol 

But then there was the city's mascot, the brass bull, inserted in the footpath to be stamped on for good luck, 

the San Lorenzo dome
the amazing dome in the cathederal and the royal palaces of the king and queen. 

large Piazza Castello with the king's Royal Palace and the duomo dome in the corner

Palazzo Madama where the queen lived

Did you know its the home of Cinzano and Lavazza?  

So much to see and experience in this sophisticated city of northern Italy.

Lyn Learmonth Rhodes

Follow Lyn's travels around the world on her Instagram account @learmonthrhodes

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  1. BRings back wonderful memories of 2015. Look forward to our 2017 update as the Turin connection with my family grows - as does my family!! Cheers, Louise