Thursday, October 26, 2017

Dong Film Fest

Fall in Turin is a rather rich season of events, especially for all those who love cinema. As Italian cinema was born in Turin - that was the Hollywood of silent productions in 1910s, it doesn't come as a surprise that we are now hosting such a unique festival as the Dong Film Fest.

Dong Film Fest

This special festival has caught our eyes right away thanks to its logo and testimonial: Dong, then of course, just like Turin, we also have always had a taste for faraway countries and a deep curiosity for Asia and China, in particular.

The Dong Film Fest aims to share the new China through the camera of emerging directors and productions. All the festival movies are an example of the current Chinese cinematic creativity and as such they give us a glimpse on aspects of the current Chinese culture that is never portrayed by the mainstream commercial cinema.

Dong Film Fest 2017 program

The second edition of the Dong Film Fest is this week, from October 26 to 29 and it will also include book presentations and out of competition premieres.

Turin has always been a melting pot and it is important to remember that in these years of economical struggle the Chinese entrepreneurs in Turin are the only ones who have grown and expanded their businesses.
Getting to know new countries and new cultures widens our horizons and mindsets and with the Dong Film Fest there are no more excuses to look east.

Dong waiting to leave for China at the Porta Nuova station in Turin
In fact, this film fest promotes a cinematic dialogue between China and Italy as Dong is organizing an Italian film fest in Taiyuan, in the Shanxi province and bringing Italian cinema to the Communication University of Shanxi.
Just like for the Turin edition of the Dong Film Fest, the Chinese version will propose emerging Italian movies thus stimulating the originality of the Italian productions too.

Dong is waiting for you at the cinema Massimo right near Mole Antonelliana - national cinema museum and Turin's symbol building.

Thank you Zelia Zbogar and Rita Russo for keeping in touch and inviting us!

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