Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Adriana's inspiring purses

Ho the things Adriana's mind can create!

key words this week are: RE.generate and ECO fashion and what does our friend fashion tailor - as she doesn't like to be labeled "designer" - mean?

handmade Adriana Delfino clutch

Adriana Delfino has always had a very eclectic mind since she was a kid. In fact, she basically started her career in fashion when playing with fabric scraps her uncle tailor had discarded.
He was a professional tailor down in Apulia and she is now one of the leading fashion realities in Turin and a fashion historian with a full educational program to share with the young generations and everybody who loves fashion.

The strong need to mind our budgets, our environment, keeping an eye on our wastes and constantly thinking out of the box led Adriana to look around in her studio. And then inside herself. We always read that the true change comes from within ourselves and just like when she spent her summer vacations in Apulia and dressed her dolls, she put together all the scraps and pieces of fabrics she had put aside over the years.

handmade bag by Adriana Delfino, more on
Having a very keen sense of touch and an enhanced sense of color, it didn't take long to Adriana Delfino  to come up with a magic solution to give a new life to all those dormant pieces of "useless" materials.
This is how her new purse and clutch collection was born in her Turin studio.

handbag by Adriana Delfino 
This collection is a regeneration of shapes and a new generation of accessories. It is ecological fashion because it is created by recycling scraps and wastes that would normally be thrown away. Moreover, it is a clean and mentally challenging collection because it forces you to change your perspective and using up all the material and naturally, it is highly fashionable because each item is a one of a kind handmade piece!

The uniqueness of each accessory makes it a luxury; in fact, Adriana's passionate creativity designed each purse putting together textures, patterns, colors and shapes and the best part is: you can buy them directly from her studio in Via Madama Cristina 74 in Turin and the prices are very affordable!!

There is always a good excuse to get a new purse, have a look yourselves at Adriana's clothes/ accessories/jewelry collections on her website and at her Instagram account @adriana.delfino 
Follow her on Twitter @delfino_info and if you need to, e-mail her: 
She also writes a very witty blog Against Fashion for all those who can read Italian :D

All images and graphic are courtesy of Adriana Delfino

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