Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Turin Epicurean Capital 2015

Last week this time, the second edition of Turin Epicurean Capital was about to start. 
These were 3 full days of events, talks, visits, food and conviviality. At times the guests were so carried away by their topics the interpreters didn't even have the time to translate. But yeah, this is what happens when finally, after tweeting and interacting online on different platforms, a bunch of passionate people meet to talk about their favorite topic: food, wine and life.

Once again we would like to take the time to thank all the people that made this second edition possible:
  • Brother Alfredo Centra, director of  De La Salle Collegio San Giuseppe, for allowing us to use the theater and for believing into this project!
  • Mr Roberto Anino, director of Federalberghi Torino (the Hotel owners' association) for helping us host Lisa Comento, Sandra Jimenez Osorio, Maria Pasquale and Laura Silver who otherwise wouldn't have made it to our event! A special thank to him also for all the 2am RTs and support.
  • Dr Fabio Borio and Ms Cecilia Garetto respectively directors of Best Western Hotel Genova and Best Western Hotel Genio for agreeing to host our guests and supporting our event. 
  • Mrs Rosanna Amerio, owner of Prochet1861 who acted as liaison with the Palazzo Madama museum director, and hosted us on Wed July 22 to complete our Time Table tour. 
  • Dott.ssa Carlotta Margarone, digital media curator at Palazzo Madama, who suggested our guests visited also the temporary exhibit On The Spices Route at the MAO - Museum of Asian Art to complete a food related museum tour for free! 
  • Chef Marco  Giachello of La Smarrita restaurant for giving us the opportunity of ending the event in such a unique place.
  • Mr Gianni Vergnano and Dott.ssa Luisa Raffaelli of Cascina Gilli for providing the amazing wines for our goodbye dinner :P
  • Mr Edoardo Cavagnino president of Gelati Pepino 1884 for providing the most historical dessert for our goodbye dinner: il pinguino!!
  • Dott.ssa Simonetta Carbone, PR for her precious help and collaboration for the second year in a row.

and last but not the least important, Scuola Universitaria per Mediatori Linguistici Vittoria who agreed to partner with Turin Epicurean Capital to provide their students with a first hand experience.

Thank you all, we really appreciate your support and help in our effort to put Turin, Piedmont and our culture under the spotlight!

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