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July: Collisioni Festival

Collisioni Festival 2014

Despite the general tendency to consider Piedmont only as an fall or winter destination, because of the vintage, the white truffle events and the ski resorts, this is actually such a varied region that changes completely every season, always offering different landscapes and many things to do.

Thanks to the Collisioni Festival, every July, Piedmont becomes THE place foodies, wine lovers, fiction readers and rock enthusiasts long to be. 
This festival is the major event in Piedmont - the "Italian Burgundy", during a summer studded of wine festivals and an endless series of smaller local events. Since 2009, these collisions have been taking place every year in Barolo, a medieval hamlet in the Langhe wine district, where the famous red wine carrying the same name is made.

Barolo surrounded by vineyards

In 2013, BIG artists, authors and even food and wine specialized journalists were invited from all over the world to collide together in Barolo, playing concerts, presenting their books and sharing their professional opinions about the culinary and wine world.
Even though the historical setting may put off the younger audience, last year, a crowd of 100k people, mainly under 30 flocked in to listen to the concerts and enjoy the local food and wine specialties.

This July, the Collisioni - collisions time has come once again to join high quality music, literature, wine and food in the land where gastronomes get their professional training (University of Gastronomic Sciences), the most refined ingredients are produced and some of the best wines in the world are made.
As always, a large crowd is invading Barolo to experience the historical atmosphere and the vineyards in the full epicurean sense of the word.

Deep Purple opened the 2014 edition on July 18, Suzanne Vega and James Ellroy together with a LONG list of many guests is on the menu for Saturday July 19, while Neil  Young will close on Monday July 21.

Now you know it, mark down the Collisioni Festival in July in Barolo - Piedmont for 2015 and you'll experience Italy in a unique and totally unexpected way!

As for this year, have a look at their website and have a peek at their pictures!

Piedmont, where else??

Here's the Forbes article by Cathy Huyghe about the 2014 edition of Collisioni: majestic!

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