Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Turinepi22 for Ukraine

As this 9th edition of Turin Epicurean Capital is in solidarity with Ukraine and Ukrainians, thanks to our friend Olessea founder and manager of Reborn In Italy we had the pleasure to meet and introduce you to Ann Belokur and her son Alex.

If you are into ethical fashion and sustainable design please follow Olessea on the Reborn In Italy on IG

Ann is a professional photographer from Kyiv, Ukraine and she's now based in Turin. Her son Alex is an undergrad at the School of Architecture here in Turin. This is one of the pictures Ann took of me when we met and we strolled around Turin.

Lucia of TurinEpi by Ann Belokur: city stroll

She is a very talented photographer who specializes in business photography and portraits; some of these portraits are also taken around Turin making your travel memories unique.

Follow her on IG: Fotografo Torino Piemonte  and on FB: Anna Belokur

Listen to her presentation:

Alex shared his first impressions of Turin and Piedmont, what stood out to him and his mom right away and what aspects of our city and culture have made an impact. Alex also told us about his plans for the future and his suggestions for all those who are planning to visit Turin!

As it is of vital importance that Ukraine keeps under the spotlight and people don't forget about the war, we asked  Alex to share about the normal life Kyiv, the Ukrainian culinary specialties and best areas to visit. Having insider's tips is always the best way to get to know a new country and culture and Alex's suggestions are very good, so mark them down for your visit once this nightmare is over and the reconstruction complete:

If you are curious about the college life in Turin and especially about Ukraine, follow Alex on IG: belokur.nouveau and you'll also see many cool pictures taken by Ann!

Alex Belokur at Villa della Regina by Ann Belokur

Don't hesitate to contact Ann or Alex when you get to Turin and Piedmont especially if you need some professional pictures!

For your tours, tastings and private classes - available online too, e-mail Lucia:

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