Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Turin dreamers' hat

Turin never sleeps but it dreams, and on October 5-9 2016, everyone can become a dreamer too;)

Dreamers is a special series of (very fortunate) events revolving around fashion in its whole sense, a "big hat" where magician artists have always created extraordinary new styles.
It takes place mainly at Museo Ettore Fico - a contemporary art museum, located in Via Cigna 114 just outside the aristocratic downtown, in one of the multiethnic neighborhoods of Turin. In fact, this special museum brings contemporary art, fashion, multimedia projects and educational programs where people really live, allowing them to experience directly things that are normally kept locked in galleries and expensive shops.
The program is very rich and multidimensional and it expands to 23 local designers's stores downtown to premiere Dreamers on October 5th at 6-9pm (map).

Maimouna Guerresi's minaret hats

The hat as an accessory that makes a statement and totally defines its wearer is the topic of the Imaginarium exhibit showcasing many designers and artists like Maimouna Guerresi, a contemporary Italian multimedia artist, who makes outspoken minaret hats using traditional Senegalese techniques.

Many sections of Dreamers are about the Italian Diana Vreeland: Anna Piaggi - a visionary talent, journalist, fashion editor, collector and a muse to many designers, Karl Largerfeld for one.
Anna Piaggi used to say "my pets are my hats" therefore, Imaginarium couldn't miss a section devoted to her eccentric hats.
Over 20 of her 800 hats are displayed at Museo Ettore Fico together with some Karl Largerfeld's sketches and her husband, photographer Alfa Castaldi's pictures

Anna Piaggi wearing one of her hats 

There are also the works by the IAAD, IED and Accademia Albertina Fine Arts college students of design and fashion and the sculpture-dresses in paper by Caterina Crepax who recycles any sort of paper waste and works it like fabric, creating textures and multidimensional layers.

paper dress by Caterina Crepax
This impressive fashion show also includes Benedetta Bruzziches' precious purses and cluctches,  the custom made dresses by Raptus & Rose made with printed fabrics from around the world and the minimalist style by serien*merica

Raptus & Rose
 At the first floor of the Museo Ettore Fico you can see VeRve/100/seta: 100 silk dresses artistically recycled by architetc/researcher/artist/designer Sergio Perrero plus:
- a showcase section to bridge culture and trade where visitors can meet Italian and international indie fashion designers and buy directly from them "their projects before they become objects"
- presentations about the visions of art, fashion, Anna Piaggi, cultural identity, fashion marketing and communication
- events: a flash-mob with the Turin Theater ballet, a reading about Yves Saint Laurent, a performance by Reinhard Plank, a documentary about Anna Piaggi and an analysis of fashion through music icons: David Bowie, Nirvana, Amy Winehouse, Lady Gaga and Beyonce'
- the Museo Ettore Fico bookshop will have extra books about fashion and design available for sale

Reinhard Plank's hats

Quick program:

  • October 5 @6-9pm fashion pills in downtown Turin indie fashion designers' stores (map)
  • October 6 @7-10pm Kimono Divine Vibes flash mob by Raptus & Rose at Museo Ettore Fico
  • October 7 from 11:30am presentations (visions), workshop and David Bowie
  • October 8 from 11am workshops, presentations (visions), Nirvana, 
                           the Anna Piaggi documentary is at 8:30pm at Cinema Massimo; the documentary
                           director Alina Marazzi and Stefano Piaggi, president of the Anna Piaggi Cultural 
                           Association are presenting the documentary (in French and Italian with Italian 
  • October 9 from 11am workshops, presentations, Reinhard Plank's hat genesis, the YSL                          letters, Amy Winehouse, Lady Gaga and Beyonce'

Full program here

If you are around Turin, you can't definitely miss this special 5 day dream, but if you can't make it now, mark Museo Ettore Fico down as you will want to stop by when you hop over;)

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