Friday, April 8, 2016

6 Turin specialty shops

Italy is famous for its old style specialty shops and in Turin downtown you can still find many precious tiny ones that sell different things for different budgets.
So, we thought of presenting you 6 of the most unique ones, we are sure you'll enjoy them even only for the fact that even the Turin residents love them and you'll get an insight about the local life style too.

1. Tasting Life - teas and spices boutique

This is really one of a kind shop not only in Turin, but also in Italy. Here you'll find first of all teas from all over the world, herbal teas, spices, all kinds of salts, plus anything that can make your life and house special. In fact, besides tea sets, small house objects, kitchen tools, decorations, delicious chocolate covered nuts and sculpture sugars, you will also find organic linen-made tablecloths and kitchen towels. Everything in this shop is personally selected by Patrizia and Giuliana, the two gracious owners who also teach cooking classes, tea and spices workshops and really know how even a small detail can be a royal treat.
As we only have one life, we should savor it in the best of the styles!

2. L'Estampe - art gallery

This is actually an art gallery that sells antique and contemporary items, from paintings to prints, frames and paper cards; they also restore old paintings and books and naturally, are appraisers!
Because of the many things they do, they have two separate shops next to each other, one for the prints and books and one for the frames.
Their windows will literally still your heart and hijack your determination not to buy anything. Even residents can't resist to the old fashioned prints of Turin, vintage Campri posters and other famous brands, not to mention the newly arrived 3D paper cards showing the Turin skyline and the paper silhouettes of the Turin city center. In short, anything they have makes amazing souvenirs and art pieces and the owners are very friendly!!

3. Menietti for oenologists

This is an historical shop founded in 1911 and it is still the ultimate place for wine and beer lovers. They sell anything you may need to make your own wine, decant it and serve it; they also have home brewing sets to ferment your own beer at home and all sorts of bottles and caps, design decanters, glasses, barman supplies and even spirits items.
Whether you need to get a wine pump to get your bulk wine out of a demijohn or not, if you are in Turin, you must pay a visit on your way to the Porta Palazzo market. All the shop assistants are very nice, give useful tips and have a charming local accent!

4. Aureafollia - jewelry

This jewelry shop is one of the best ambassadors of Turin jewelry design! Mr Uli, owner and goldsmith has a highly eclectic mind and makes literally wearable sculptures of gold, silver, precious stones and pearls. Yes, it just sounds like a fairy tale because whimsical and, yet, minimal are the jewels he makes and displays in his shop located in Palazzo Scaglia di Verrua, near Via Garibaldi.
In fact, this Renaissance palazzo is the second reason why you must visit Aureafollia because seeing it personally it's like entering a fairy tale book: there is a frescoed facade, an inner porched courtyard and even stone fountain in the corner :D

5. La Staffa aka the stirrup

Men and women whether you need or, more simply, like wearing boots and hats of all sorts and shape, for any occasion, this is the specialty shop for you.
Looking from the outside you might wrongly assume it is just a shop for horse riding fans or cowboys (!), but once you get inside a world will open to you. There is even a motorbike inside and they also customize their items!

6. Bottega Fagnola - binding shop

This binding shop is for all bookworms, writers, calligraphers, old style paper fans, antique book lovers, basically everyone out there who just loves paper made things and even businesses! If you can't take a peek personally yet, have a look at their website because even though it is in Italian, you will still get what they do and the TLC they put into their work. If you are planning a wedding, especially if in Turin or Piedmont, keep this shop in mind not only for your wedding invitations, but also for your wedding book and favors containers. Wine lovers and foodies could have their one wine books and family recipe books printed and bound there. And the novel or short story collection you keep in your computer could finally be printed and rest on your bookshelf ;)

In Turin, possibilities are really endless and you'll quickly fall in love with our lively atmosphere. This is why here you won't find many of the "usual souvenirs" ;)

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