Saturday, March 21, 2015

Miss Bee's March tea

March in Turin means spring, more light hours, warmer temperatures and rains. Just like in other parts of Italy, here too the International Women's Day, celebrated on March 8th still marks the local calendars together with mimosa flowers in the streets.

even pastry shops and cafes display mimosa flower inspired candies for March 8th
Miss Bee

It's not really a holiday in the full sense but it's still a day where women are celebrated and their achievements through history remembered. 
So this year, Miss Bee decided to celebrate it devoting a special tea only to women, and boy, what a real foodie experience! As always, she had planned a rich and unique menu, had set up an amazing table to make everybody comfortable and had even invited a make-up artist to give the invites some make-up suggestions and tricks of the trade! 
Needless to tell you that this tea flew by very quickly and all the guests requested a doggy bag to share Miss Bee's delicacies with their better halves and families back home.

Miss Bee keeps very fond memories of her years in the UK and the culinary rites she used to follow, the special flavors and even the warm atmosphere. Here in her native Turin, the lifestyle is rather different, the local tastes are different and sometimes she feels "homesick".
However, these homesick moments are also inspiring amazing meals and food events which have made of her THE queen of the home cooking community in Turin.

So what's so special about Miss Bee? Her fusion of cuisines, flavors and styles, her international twist to spice up some Italian classic dishes so that even the natives can feel like travelling without leaving their city.
To satisfy your curiosity suffice it to show you what we had on this past March tea;)

mini pavlova
hazelnut croccante for the chocolate mousse 

cucumber and avocado sandwich, scone to be eaten with clotted cream and jam, mini potato pancake with robiola cheese and smoked salmon, quail egg blini with sour cream

Victoria sponge cake
A very large selection of teas (served in different teapots!) was naturally on the menu, as well as a glorious Victoria sponge cake. In short, as it always happens at Miss Bee's, more than a tea, this was a real feast and what a better way to celebrate women than pampering their palates?

Now you know it, if you want to make a unique food experience in Turin, no matter what language you speak, Miss Bee is the best person in town to delight you and your stomachs.

Just in case, you decide to join her festive court or inquire about a cooking class, drop her a line: ;)

Yes, Turinese are foodies at heart and this is what makes of Turin a real epicurean capital. As Miss Bee teaches us: when food is your passion, your lifestyle shows it.

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