Monday, August 11, 2014

a day in Guarene, Roero wine district

Guarene in the Roero wine district in the Cuneo province, in Piedmont

Roero on the Piedmont map
We took a day off and went to visit some friends over to Guarene, in the Roero wine district. This is a tiny town about 1h driving from Turin in the north-east corner of the Cuneo province in Piedmont. Roero is famous for its vineyards and orchards and as you can imaging a breathtaking landscape! 
Its name comes from the Roero family of bankers and traders who were very prominent in the Middle Ages in the Alba area, which is where Nutella is made.

Guarene is famous for its castle that got rebuilt in the 18th century and for its high quality wines and fruits: the Cuneo red apples, the Madernassa pears, Cuneo peaches and hazelnuts, of course. Tomatoes, peppers, garlic and cardoons are also grown in this area.
The Madernassa pear is a special kind of pear that originated right in Roero in 1784 and today it's even exported abroad.

the Madernassa pears from a very old tree!

When you see the barrels, you know you are in the wine country!

Our first stop was at the Ghiomo farmhouse where we had the pleasure of tasting a delicious Arneis, aka the white Barolo;)

The day was cloudy but hot and being offered a chilled glass of Arneis was just what we needed! 
The Ghiomo Arneis was a real surprise with its refined bouquet and elegant scent. Our taste buds highly enjoyed the freshness of its acidity, its harmonious body, smoothness and fruity notes. I wish I could have taken the bottle with me but we had a meeting at osteria La Madernassa and ho boy, what a view!

Before driving up to the resort, we stopped at the hotel de charme Casalora which is in a newly restored farm at the top of a hill. look at the view from their hot tub! It's really incredible to think this paradise is just 1h driving from the city!

Just imagine being here!! Who said Piedmont is good only in the fall?

La Madernassa is the restaurant where the Casalora guests can eat; however, its great resort facilities, like the amazing pool facing the vineyards and the structure itself that can be enjoyed all year round, are nothing compared to:

the cellar!

the organic garden that supplies part of the restaurant,

the vineyard and

the orchard and the surrounding herb garden which is the heart of La Madernassa cuisine lead by Michelangelo Mammoliti, a young but well experienced chef!

Stay tuned to get to know him and his kitchen philosophy, you'll fall in love with him, his flavors and locality!

Historical Barbaresco and Barolo bottles

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