Friday, December 24, 2021

Happy Holidays

 Dear amici,

incredibly, we made it to the end of this 2021 exhausted yet happy. Here in Turin, more than anywhere else in Italy, we are excited for 2022 as this spring we'll be hosting the Eurovision Song Contest on May 10-14 and more international movie productions. 

.... who knows maybe Shonda Rhimes will decide to produce one of her historical romantic dramas in Turin too! This is our secret wish 😉

If you are curious to see how the locals live Torino, and especially if you can understand Italian, have a look at An Astrological Guide For Broken Hearts on Netflix and you'll fall in love with our Parisian flair with our Italian twist!

These Holidays we have a new city Christmas tree and also a new Holiday show projected over the façade of the Royal Palace with a contemporary art exhibit in the royal tiny square.

The most incredible thing though is being vaccinated and free to wander freely around Turin and enjoying our cafés, restaurants, Christmas shopping and loved ones without any restriction.

May 2022 be carefree like our pre-covid life used to be, may international travels resume quickly as soon as we vaccinate the whole world.

Amici, we'll be here, in Torino, welcoming you whenever you can make it: every month you'll see a different Turin and you'll taste our very distinct flavors!

Enjoy these Holidays, start 2022 in a propitious way and remember that in February, Stanley Tucci will show you Turin in the second season of his Searching For Italy!  

 Tantissimi auguri a tutti voi - Endless wishes to you all

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