Thursday, February 9, 2017

Cintia Soto's Turin

This week we are sharing a guest post by our friend Cintia Soto, an amazing photographer and lover of all things Italian. After years of online friendship, we met her in person last September during the Slow Food convention Terra Madre in Turin and in front of a bicerin coffee, she shared with us her love for Piedmont and the authenticity of Turin.

Cintia's passion for photography began when she was living in and travelling around Italy several years ago. That's when she started her travel blog, focusing mostly on culture and gastronomy. Her work started getting noticed and the blog began accruing followers who enjoyed her photography. In 2011, she won the APPI award for landscape photography and that's how she started her career as professional photographer. 
Cintia focuses on shooting food because she is passionate about gastronomy, the history, the culture and travel. She works with many lauded chefs in Baja California and have collaborated with Expo Milan 2015 in Italy from California, as a food photographer and writer representing Mexican food. Her photos have been featured in many magazines and cookbooks, both in the US and Mexico.
She has collaborated with many leading culinary companies and festivals; she is the co-owner of Nostrale Tour a private food and wine tour company where she also teaches food styling, food photography and travel photography workshops.
To join her and personally experience all the amazing things you can see on her online accounts, drop her and e-mail:!

Why I love Turin

Somewhere in the web I had read about “Turin the Paris of Italy” it caught my eye because Turin is very similar in many ways to Paris. The first time I visited Europe was Paris and I fell in love with that city, well then I fell in love again but with Turin.

Turin is a great city and it has so much to offer: as a photographer I can’t get enough of it. I always find something different around the streets, the monuments, the architecture, the piazzas and more.

The first time I explored Turin was on a cold day, gray and mystic, but I found it beautifully interesting, La Mole one of the most important places in the city where you can get the most beautiful view from the city, all those red roofs and the narrow streets take you to the Pho River. Walking around the downtown and find palaces like the historic cafes, main squares with castles and enormous gardens where to walk and photograph the beauty of the daily life that make me fall in love with this city.

And I’m not talking about food this time because that should be another big subject.

Cintia Soto

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  1. Great blog posting! Congrats Patty! Always making us dream of traveling! And thanks for letting us know more about beautiful Turin! I love Italy!